Friday, 2 March 2012

Styling Suggestion: Red Top Chilli Peppers

Okay, so, just to add some variety to my creative palate and to try something new with the - I fancy - delectable flavour of this blog, here's a what-I-wore-type entry, as an experimental direction. It was inspired by being so, dare I say, chuffed with the outcome of my last entry that I thought I'd let all you wonderful, attentive readers know how I've been wearing it of late, with the following photo. I added to the on-trend fifties femininity with a pair of high-waisted shorts, which subtly echoed the quirky garnish of the chillies with a small fan print, a brown vintage leather belt, a multi coloured glittery feather necklace for a spicy touch of sparkle and black glitter ankle boots, which, incidentally had also seen days of relegation to my local charity shop before acquiring a new black glittery identity by the work of my own fair hands. Still, enough about me and more of my sartorial doings. Do, please, enjoy!

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