Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Trends on Wednesday - 5 cool things to do with safety pins

Get them in the mix!

As well as adding instant rock 'n' roll attitude, safety pins work fantastically for adding a bold metallic statement. They're also great for teaming up with beads and diamant├ęs for an eclectic, detailed statement. Take a leaf out of the Alexander McQueen, Jeffrey Campbell or Tom Binns book and experiment with neons, metallics, monochrome fabrics and crystals in your safety pinning endeavours.

Let's get 'em on!

...Alternatively, you may decide that safety pins against block colour is a killer combination that needs no further action. Check out Charlotte Olympia's take on the trend for inspiration and just pile them on!

So it should seam

Where were you when Liz Hurley caused a stir in that Versace frock at the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere? (Okay, if you were even born by then, showoffs!) Aside from quick-fix, no-sew practicality, adorning your seams with safety pins gets just the right balance of rebellion and sex appeal - provided you still leave the relevant areas to the imagination - culminating in a look so iconic it was revisited by Lady GaGa in Milan last October. Well, if it's good enough for GaGa, it's unsurprisingly proven more than fertile inspiration ground for Jeremy Scott and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Full Feature

Is it the stark metallic hues that get you pinning or the stylish, swirling shape? Maybe you want to give your safety pin sartorial centre stage. making its unaltered design the key feature of your look, like with Henri Bendel's hair band. Maybe you want to keep the shape but change the colour to look like Genevieve Jones' design. If you want to get the creative, colourful look exemplified at McQ by Alexander McQueen, Rebecca Minkoff and Versus, play around with polymer clay, paints (including nail polish) and diamant├ęs for a personally customised look.

A novel twist

Are you so inspired by the famous safety pin you want to push its style potential to the limit? Tom Binns appears to be! Jennifer Fisher, Giles Brother and Juicy Couture have also been getting in on the act, twisting, stretching and encrusting safety pins until they take on a whole new form, yet still stay recognisable. Like what you see? Rather than try to bend safety pins (which can be tough to sculpt and break easily) use some thick wire and some metal panelling from old jewellery to replicate an oversized safety pin that's perfect for shaping.

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