Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Trends on Wednesday: Welly Made - A Festival Fashion Special

Chic Cheat gives you the wellies for stand-out festival style...

With the festival season in full fabulous swing - complete with the perennial quirks of the infamous British weather - I've looked to the wardrobe essential that never goes out of fashion: The humble wellington boot! No surprises, then, that all parties concerned at fashion camp have got in on the act, from studs and neons  to heritage check - and everything you dare to dream of in between. I chose six personal favourites to catalogue and advise on how to replicate for this entry.

Festival Style? Check!

A simple one here, all you need are some clear boots - preferably open, laced ones so that you can get to the whole interior easily - some fabric and come craft mount to stick it to the inside. Rule of thumb is that they'll take a battering in the weather conditions and party high-jinx, so I wouldn't recommend sticking your fabric to the outside because it just won't be strong enough.

Beau bows

Tie in some feminine flourish with your festival gear by adding a bow to your boots. You can pierce eyelet holes in place and thread some ribbon through (preferably something strong like grosgrain) or you can cut away some of the original rubber, make a strip and secure it in place. If the above picture is the look you're going for then maybe (I've yet to try and confirm this method, just to break with Chic Cheat tradition) burn the edges with a small heat source like a lighter to finish them. Also, rather than relying on glue, you'd be better off attaching your bow with a firm connector, like a staple or a stud, which reminds me...

A "Studdy" in DIY Festival chic

This one's fairly self-explanatory; all you need to do is attach some studs wherever your heart and creative vision desires (yes, within the surface area of the boot, pedant!). If the above Valentino creation is the look you're going for, either use some black pyramid studs or some standard metallic ones and spray your boots with black enamel paint.


True glitz

The principle for this is very much the same as the one for the DIY check boots, only there's slightly more to it. Simply take your transparent boots, paint the interiors with glitter glue and then with black fabric paint, then spray them with black enamel paint for perfectly even coverage.

Go with the Fluoro

Looking at these fluorescent strapped wellies from Hunter and liking what you see? Then invest in some sets of kilt straps, neon enamel spray paint (This just in: They do UV-reactive ones!) and some studs or staples to anchor your straps in place.

How will you be giving your wardrobe some welly for the festival season?

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