Monday, 8 July 2013

Art in a Cage: How to DIY Dolce & Gabbana's Rose Cage Sandals

A DIY proving that a pair of customised gold sandals luxe the part!

You will need...


Gold enamel paint

A palette knife

A scalpel

Long-nosed pliers

Masking tape

  • Your sandals need to have narrow heels, and the separate heel tips you use need to be substantially wider.
  • You can either use red, white and green polymer clay (about £2 each - prices may vary)

You can buy rose beads here and green trim here - and paint some of the beads red with nail polish which still makes it a massive time-saver compared with sculpting

You're welcome but don't thank me, thank my own (slightly bitter) experience. Trust me, it all makes sense in context...


Pretty easy until the end

All will be revealed if you read on. The most straightforward way of putting it at this stage would be to say that it's all about sticking things together with a fiddly bit right at the end, as it all comes together.


Mine took about 5 hours but in this entry I'll be suggesting some time-saving alternatives that should cut that right down and possibly even halve it. I did learn a lot from making the shoes and the awesome thing about being an experienced DIY blogger is that something doesn't have to go completely pear-shaped for you to learn something!

Total cost

Hard to say, bearing in mind all the alternatives I've given, but if you were to use the beads and trim it would come to about £21 (not including the tools) and slightly more if you were to use the polymer clay. I say slightly more, it'd still be a substantial saving - the originals come to exactly £1485 but there's free shipping so, you know, every cloud...

Cage the elegance...

Referring closely to the instructions provided, as I'm sure you will, mix up some body filler. The set comes with a tube of filler and a small sachet of hardener with a screw top. Mix a drop of hardener - by which I mean literally a drop, about the size of a sewing pin head - with a blob of filler about as wide as a £2 coin. Those sort of proportions should give you an idea of how powerful and highly concentrated the hardener is but don't mix too much as it dries within minutes.

Make sure both your sandal heels are right in the middle of your heel tips and use the body filler to secure them in place.


Use your polymer clay and scalpel to sculpt some roses, curled stems and leaves...


...Cut your trim into 2 thin strips with a few "leaves," cut two more green "leaf" clusters, paint some of your roses with red nail polish and attach a few of them to your trim like the examples above, again, using the body filler. Just to reiterate, use it sparingly because it dries extremely quickly. Paint all your body filler gold.

Wind your "stems and leaves" around the heels and attach them, plus the rest of your roses to your heels and toes (mostly the heels - the toes just need small clusters).

Attach your wire at the heels, starting at the bottom, bending it towards the centre and securing it in place. Curl your wires at the top and stick them in place with masking tape as you go along.

After you have stuck your pieces in place, stick your top pieces in place.

From Dolcis to Dolce

Who said the '90s didn't leave us plenty for the future!?

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