Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Trends on Thursday: Only Fashionistas Need Applique?

Back I am, at the later-than-normal time of Thursday to check in with you briefly, amid the colourful chaos of New York Fashion Week. Not in person, you understand; that's so very last-generation! This is the age of live streaming and social media immediacy, where the best seat in the show is your desk chair, thanks to et al. Topshop have even taken it upon themselves to take their interactive coverage to the next level, with access to the “red carpet,” behind the scenes interviews with models and designers, multiple camera angles and even a collage tool. We are living in a "YouStyle" age where we the buying, blogging public have as much authority to dictate the medium as any paid professional  involved. Who needs glossy magazine photoshoots when you've got personal style bloggers inspiring more followers and interpreting brands with infinitely better direction and panache? It appears we're also no worse placed to predict trends than Premiere Vision either!

With that, I'm led to the ever more current facet of fashion: the art of self expression. How I laugh when I consider that one's clothes are supposed to reflect one's character, as a set of predictably legible signs, concocted to create an interchangeable, semi-individual code. Apply that logic to my bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe and you have a very confused, unpredictable being, with more personalities than you can shake a 4" heel at - on top of a worryingly excessive shopping habit! Certainly, notions of sartorial signage are popular among the intellectuals, and, if we look at more extreme contexts, prisons, for instance, strip their inmates of any potential outside identity for suppressive reasons. That still doesn't prove that the notion should be taken so literally or applied so broadly.

An up-and-coming resort trend is intricately worked handicraft, from crocheting and embellishment to appliqué. In fact, it's already making waves among must-have items for this winter - and holding strong among the stars of street style at New York Fashion Week. Referring back to the logic of self-expression, a quixotic cocktail of colour, clash and creative craftwork denotes some very unpredictable characters, indeed - then again, these are fashion types we're talking about!

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