Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Trends on Wednesday: House haute goods

London Fashion Week heralded a season of DIY fashion - but not quite as we know it...

In its ever-enduring bid to establish itself as a serious art form, every generation - no, season - in fashion has a design or three that are potty past the point of parody (see Arkadius).While it's both irrelevant and too late in the day to dissect what makes a garment revolutionary or just plain random, I will say these creations tend to err pretty far in the direction of unwearable. Imagine, then, my surprise at London Fashion Week's outré outings, which were derived almost literally from hardware! Well, we're always up against the challenge of finding remotely practical ways to look fabulous so it appears there's no time like the present. Having tried painstakingly to navigate the enduring trend of neon yellow amid a slew of 'dad jokes' about 'high-vis shoes,' it appears such facetious ridicule was nothing if not forward-thinking; Ashish reworked the ultimate regalia of health and safety in sequinned resplendence (relive the moment here and do not adjust your monitors!). Elsewhere, Givenchy gave us bungee rope belts, Louis Vuitton etched the brand's distinctive logo on a domestic-sized padlock pendant and Céline gave their tote bags some laundry (bag) service. Last but not least - and not one to be left out - Loewe stayed true to their name (German for 'lion,' since you ask) by attaching manes of brush-like bristles to their sandals.

So, how do you DIY fashion that's already DIY-themed? Check out your local fabric shop for neon and gunmetal sequinned material and be lucky; buy a cheap lock and firm chain, then hunt down a reasonably-priced engraver; cut open the backs of your old shoes and feverishly wedge some paint bristles in with hot melt glue; check out this tutorial...and the bag? You'll just have to wait and see.

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