Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Trends on Wednesday: Blue Wonder

Images: Polyvore @tracireuer, @carterjennifer ,

  "Half-close your eyes, girls, that's how you get the right tone" not a famous quote,  but a pertinent one, nonetheless, from my forthright, industrious and utterly brilliant high school art teacher! In ancient times, when I was sitting my art GCSE, and A-Level shortly afterwards, squinting to emphasise tonality; measuring proportions using a pencil at eye level and contrasting primary colours with 'opposite' secondary ones became routine. Until recently, the most lasting memory of my high school art days was the 100% I scored in my GCSE art exam. Then I saw a trend emerging; stylists and editors are currently marrying pastel blue shades with brilliant orange tones. Notice on the colour wheel in the collage - much like the ones I was shown at school - how blue and orange are on opposite sides: they're opposite colours!

I always get a frisson when I see science in style. As subtle a fashion moment as this colour scheme may seem to be, it's primed to pop with one of the three most contrasting combinations possible. Christmas is a time for red and green; jewel coats were a staple trend of last autumn, and included purple and yellow in their palette; now it's time for teal and tangerine. Trending? Yes. New? Hardly: blue  backgrounds against orange skin tones are a staple for adding dramatic contrast in films and their posters. Let's face it, it's an improvement on black, white and red rom-com graphics!

If we are to assume that everything that can possibly be done, designed and invented has already come to pass, and that the only new ideas we can generate is through creative combinations, why not choose extreme colour clash?

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