Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Trends on Wednesday: Ill Ad-Vised?

January, named in honour of Janus, the two-headed Roman god of beginnings and transitions to  denote the first month of the year; a new chapter; a clean slate; a chance to take a step back and start afresh in tackling life's trials and challenges. Certainly new-year-new-you mantras that resonate omnipresently would have us see things that way. This is when we promise ourselves we'll be good; we will - really will, this time - banish the gluttony of the festive period for diets and detox; announce and keep our new year's resolutions and for god's sake get fit! Perchance we'll make it to the gym while we can still see our trainers beneath the future avalanche of dust they've been gathering!

Fashion is always there to help us out when we need some motivationally stylish sportswear, from the New Balance collaboration with Next and Heidi Klum to the boutique offerings at Sweaty Betty and everything in between to help your willpower along for the January gym-kick.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, you have fashion trends that march without hesitation to the realm of the ridiculous. Among the trends last seen in the nineties' golden age of boybands (which should have jolly well stayed there) following foil-like silver bomber jackets are a traditional summer sportswear staple: visors! Marni gave us a novel take on the selectively-flattering headgear piece. Yes, I know how fashion's a fool for challenges to taste and notions of 'cool' now and again - in efforts to reinvent something long-since dubbed 'naff' - with a fresh eye and a new set of paradigms. Maybe the subtle proportion play of oversizing and quirky diamond juxtapositions will help visors stake a claim among 2014's genuine statement pieces. Try it - you might find it's good for you!

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