Wednesday 11 January 2012

Miu Miu for you

It's not too late to add a touch of seasonal sparkle with my ode to these celebrity-favoured Miu Miu glitter and suede fan ankle boots.

This was meant to be my final pre-holiday Chic Cheat entry and I thank you for your patience, dear readers, as I'm sure it's veering well towards tired excuse territory, but the past month's been a particularly busy one, where I've found out through my bitter experience that 'D' is for 'December,' for 'Duty' and for 'Distractions-aplenty' as my weekends have become more and more zealously peppered with work, family and social life-related demands that have taken me from my Chic Cheat pursuits.

This was to commemorate, acknowledge or arguably celebrate in the 'well, it got your attention, so it must have worked' sense the - shall we say - well-practiced holiday season ritual of dousing the high street's contents in glitter. Still, hear me out before jumping to any rash conclusions about my homage to these fabulous Miu Miu shoes, exacted on some old ankle boots loitering nervously towards the forgotten depths of my wardrobe. Incidentally, within my research, I tried to find out where glitter may have come into fashion in the historic sense but, other than being used in cave paintings, to little avail. Like with so many Christmas rituals that are, at best, just going through the motions with precious little rationale (Happy new year? In this climate? Surely only slightly more wishful thinking than a troglodyte trying to set up a PR company!) I've always avoided the recurrent festive sparkles trend, only to come a cropper with these fabulous designer ankle boots... sweet shoe-fetish surrender!


Medium Easy

In the interests of general arse-covering this one stops only slightly shy of the casual walk-over mark, thanks to a bit of fiddly jiggery-pokery with fake suede and a glue gun, but nothing for you to worry your pretty heads about I promise - girl guide's honour!

You will need

Black ankle boots, peep-toe or otherwise

Craft mount - I paid about £9 for mine at Hobbycraft

Fine silver glitter - Hobbycraft do an 80g shaker for £3.89


Glue gun - and make sure it's fully loaded!

Yellow (ideally fake) suede *Author's note: Finding suede of that colour may prove a challenge to you. It sure as hell did to me. It can be quite the rude awakening when something so seemingly innocuous as yellow faux suede turns out to have the illusive rarity of lapis lazuli, but, hey nothing you can't fix if you use...

Yellow fabric paint - by Dylon, £2 from John Lewis, or £2.75 at Hobbycraft if you want to save yourself the extra journey. Just saying!

Face sponge - would you believe, it being nice and soft.

Palette - Something flat and wide, a tupperware lid will do.

What to do with these wondrous finds...

Check out the video and find out! Follow the video and you should have something resembling these...

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