Sunday 22 April 2012

Day 5 with... me!

So, today it's my turn to take over on the DIY Bloggers Fashion Week with my creative ode to the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. The fashion statement in question? Like Carly, I chose to sartorially say it with flowers, as it were, and looked to London Fashion Week for my inspiration. My entry is a hand-crafted version of Matthew Williamson's floral printed blouse:


You will need

A white top or blouse (mine was a converted muumuu - £7, charity shop buy)

Screen printing kit (mine was by Artrain and cost about £3 from Ebay)

Iron and ironing board

Lots of plastic carrier bags

Sewing pins

Computer - with Photoshop installed - and a printer


Water for rinsing brushes, also a tub of water for soaking and washing screens after use

Paintbrushes - ideally with a small, fine tip

Metal 30cm ruler

Palette knife

Fabric paints in the following colours(I recommend Pebeo opaque fabric paints, £3.99 at Hobbycraft and worth it because they're not runny like many other fabric paints ):

Other fabric paint colours you'll need, included with the screen printing kit, are:


About 1-1.5 hours to trace each screen.

About 12-15 hours for screen printing/ blending/ linear pattern painting

About 30 minutes for ironing and preparation


Very Hard

Don't be put off but I found this a tricky one and I learnt quite a bit on the job. It might have been down to my choice of equipment (the method in my madness was to avoid forking out £50-80 for a professional screen printing kit and not having access to a printing studio - unless you count my bedroom!) A word of warning - screen printing's a very messy business so take extra care to protect clothes and furniture!

The Video Tutorial



  1. I love pebeo fabric paint! I found out also deka permanent: they are a bit more expensive, but they have a wide variety of colors!
    Your tutorial is perfect, love the print you made!!!

  2. That's the problem with all the best brands - they're more expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. I did sneak in a couple of cheeky Dylon paints but they were really runny and hard to keep under control. I wouldn't recommend them for screen printing.

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  4. Wow. You were really meticulous with this.

  5. Thanks. Just checked out your blog. Really impressive stuff!

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  7. I love all your stuff! Love the step by step..

  8. Thanks, Heather. Just reading your blog makes me miss being a student in London so very much! Keep up the good work!