Friday 22 June 2012

DIY Digest: Get cape, wear cape, flaunt

Can't stitch 2 pieces of fabric together? Don't fancy the mess or challenge of sewing? Haven't actually got 12 free hours at your disposal but need a quick, no-fuss revanping tip? Can do!

I was spurred on to introduce my first quick, super-easy DIY tip - that's so easy I kind of feel cheeky calling it DIY, rather a subtle-but-effective styling fix - to make it easier to post more often and to share my creative solutions with readers who aren't that confident with technically demanding projects. To leave something for everyone, in other words. The idea for this particular one also came to me from working in an overly air-conditioned office and managing to mess up my cardigan en route. I found myself resorting to using my scarf as a kind of security blanket, whilst thinking, wouldn't it double up nicely as a cape? Okay, arguably, this brainwave should have happened around November when capes were more of the moment, but then, frankly so should this disappointing (though nonetheless enduring) weather! Besides, with the amount I paid for it, it's heartening to know my black devoré skull scarf can serve a second purpose!

So, for Operation: Fabulous Wooby, you will need

A generous-sized rectangular scarf

A nice matching brooch or a safety pin

...and, ooh, a good 30 seconds at your disposal.

Think you can manage? Here's how it's done

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