Sunday 25 November 2012

Hello Dalek!

A brief trend update before I reveal my long-awaited damask intarsia jumper tutorial, as promised in my last entry. Couldn't help but to notice the resemblance the - seriously hot - embellished cut out suede dress from Miu Miu bore to the iconic oeuvres of Paco Rabanne in the '60s.

Also, upon checking out the equally delectable video on the official Miu Miu Tumblr. site I couldn't help but to notice...

As explained in my collages, verbally and visually, the irony is uncanny with both designers romancing exact opposite decades with the same statement: Paco's trademark futuristic style is captured with a sense of 21st century futurism; this current season's (21st century) Miu Miu designs that reference the metallic cut out trend are presented in a nostalgic way with an authentic 60s colour scheme, both in the campaign and the video. Paco, himself was known for his interest in paranormal phenomena, although he did get his prediction wrong about the Russian Space Station Mir falling on Paris in 1999 (thankfully) I wonder if he could have seen an echo like this coming almost half a century after the golden age of his metallic designs.

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