Sunday 24 March 2013

DIY Digest: Record time with Olympia Le Tan

Just for the record, Parisian fashion label, Olympia Le Tan, has retro-fabulous in the bag!


Perhaps a busy work schedule, coupled with the above inspiration (namely the Olympia Le Tan Record Bag) can render me the only person above the age of 6 to get excited by a pile of felt but that's exactly what I've been getting up to this week. Sorting the messy heap of jewellery that has been gathering dust and growing in size in my room was made especially satisfying when I espied an entirely size appropriate, well compartmented jewellery box - even more so when I decided what to do with it simply by covering it and decorating it.

You will need

Cylindrical bag or trinket box (I chose the latter as I figured I'd get more use out of it)

Gold gel pen

Small fabric scissors

Craft Mount

Embroidery thread and needle (optional)

Felt in:



Dark blue



Light Green




Very easy

One might almost say childsplay! Cut, stick and no need to even colour in - except with in a basic fabric collage kind of a way.

How it's done

Simply trace around the edges of each section of your trinket box/ bag with your gel pen, cut them out and craft mount them in place.

The arrow I did freehand, eyeballing a centimetre further along the edge of each piece. The writing I embroidered in place.

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