Sunday 9 June 2013

Of Jersey And Geometry - How to DIY a Kenzo panelled hoodie

Spring/summer '13 fashion has got in the mix with clashing prints and collage - and Kenzo's hoodie's no exception!

The mix and match trend is currently huge, from high street to haute couture atelier, which is great news for recycling crafters who are looking to give their old patterned clothing a new lease of life. I chose Kenzo's geometric hoodie to replicate because I happen to live in a charity shopping capital and stumbled across countless cheap jersey tops. I also found a super comfortable ski hoodie as a base, which would surely cement my creation for this entry a year-round wardrobe essential (being in cold, grey England). I don't want to give the ending away but let's just say this quixotic mix was the perfect match!



Simple, in principle, but the sewing part can get fiddly and the parts you have to do by hand can be time-consuming.


10-12 hours

You will need...

Also, a sewing machine, scissors, needle and thread

"Sew" let it be...

Mark out exactly where you want your boundaries to be, cut your jersey pieces accordingly and pin them in place, folding them back on themselves around the edges so that they aren't raw and capable of fraying. Machine stitch your pieces in place along the edges. You will need to hand stitch around the hard-to-reach places, such as the sleeves and pockets, if there are any, and for that I'd recommend a simple slip stitch. 

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