Tuesday 16 July 2013

Bedroom Bonuses: 2 Sticky Tape

Part two of our hidden DIY treasures series takes you to the stationery drawer with the multi purpose essential that is sticky tape. With statement sunglasses a summer staple for 2013, it was Ray Ban’s Mondrian-esque take on their trademark square shades that captured my imagination and inspired the tutorial for this entry.
Henry Holland astutely pointed out that sunglasses cost a fraction of the price of shoes and handbags, yet make as big an impression. Of course, the Chic Cheat approach is to do everything on the cheap but it works out even cheaper to use and recycle items you already own, as is the case with this DIY exercise. So, how can the lazy repairer’s adhesive of choice create a meticulous masterpiece? Read on…


Pretty Easy

I’d say this tutorial required care rather than skill. Rush it and it won’t work but take care and it will pay off. Mistakes are also generally easy to rectify.


1 ½ - 2 hours (tops).

Total Cost

If you don’t already own clear sunglasses and the right coloured nail polish, I found the former at H&M for £4.99. The latter you can get for as little as £1 per colour but you may need to sniff around markets and look at kits from cheap shops to get the best deals.

They're unlikely to set you back £70 like the originals do – on sale!

You will need

Nifty shades of Ray Ban

Cut your sticky tape to cover up the lenses and areas on the frames that you don’t want to paint.

Paint your orange and yellow areas (or whichever other colours you want to use if you’re making a different version).

After the nail polish has dried, remove the sticky tape from your frames but not from the lenses just yet. Outline your orange and yellow areas in black, applying your nail polish with a cocktail stick.

Once the black outlines have become tacky, use your fingernails to tidy them up along the outside edges.

Fix your design by applying a protective coat of clear nail polish all over the frames. When it has dried, remove the sticky tape from your lenses.

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