Monday 24 March 2014

Hand haute - How to DIY a Vivetta White Rachelle Hands Shirt

Get a surreal deal with this Elsa Schiaparelli-style shirt refashion!

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You will need...

It also helps to have a fine-tipped pen, pencil or tailor's chalk to trace out the hand design onto your collar.

I will be using a template for the hand design, so you might find it helpful to print the shape out, but a printer is completely optional (and has to be worth the sanity it typically costs you, in my experience!).



Nothing struck me as particularly challenging for this one but, as always, care and love are needed for best results.


About 2 hours.

Hand it over!

Pin the pattern paper to the collar of your shirt and trace the edges, so that you know what size to make your hand template.

Copy or print out the above hand design and trace it onto your pattern paper to fit the collar outline you have drawn. Make sure the thumb, index and middle fingertips touch the edges of the collar outline - it's even better if you can get the other tips to fit the collar shape but all collars are different!
Cut out your template and trace the hand design onto each side of the collar. You will have to turn your paper over when you change sides, in order to get the design symmetrical.

Cut out the hand design and cut away the edge of the collar along the middle, so that the new edges are raw, with no top stitching.
Paint black 'nails' onto each finger on the top layer and leave them to dry. You should be left with two layers of fabric along the collar - both of which are cut into the hand design. Iron interfacing onto the inside areas (the 'wrong' sides) of the two layers.
Cut away the excess interfacing and top stitch the two layers together about 1mm from the edges, or as close to them as possible.

Tip: It helps to use glue to hold the layers together while you sew them. Make sure your glue's fairly dry and not slimy, like gemstone glue. I used craft mount.
My shirt was short-sleeved, so I added some broderie anglaise trim (2012's finest!) along the cuffs.

DIY Vivetta Hands shirt

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