Sunday 13 April 2014

Girl with the Pop Art Earring - How make an earring holder by upcyclinga photo frame

You will need

NB: Make absolutely sure the gauze sheet is bigger than the photo frame - check sizes against each other or dimensions online. I didn't and lived to regret it.


Very easy

One of the easiest, least time consuming projects to date - happy days!


About an hour. Mine took longer, due to technical difficulties (more on that later) but they're easily avoidable.

Ear(ring) we go...

Staple the gauze to the back of the frame. Staple along the sides and close to the inside edge, so that they are 'sealed' without any gaping holes.

Once again, it is imperative that the gauze sheet is bigger than the frame - you might need to overbuy size-wise. Mine wasn't and I had to use some filler along the edges, which proved time-consuming and compromised the overall design.

Staple the picture hanging wire securely in the middle of the top of the frame - unless, of course, your frame already has one, in which case you don't have to worry your pretty head about this stage!

Tonight we're drizzling from the bottle! Get as many colours of nail polish as you can (I never get round to wearing mine so I had several colours left over from the past few years - I literally had a lot to work with!)  and pour them in wavy linear lines all over the frame.

Upcycling - it's the Pollocks!

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