Sunday 4 January 2015

Glitter-arty - How to DIY a Marco de Vincenzo metallic pleated skirt

The very now way to wear holographics.

If this project seems a little late to the party, it's because I intended it to be a pre-new year's eve entry as a last-minute DIY fashion idea. Sadly I was away from home - and therefore some 99.9% of my DIY paraphernalia - and then, to cap it all, who knew that two weeks' free board and lodging courtesy of parents came with conditions of cleanliness attached (and that fine glitter particles are one among many noxious substances that get trodden into carpeting, causing irreversible ruination, if they're not dealt with within seconds of spillage)? Nonetheless, now that I'm back in the Zen calm of home, away from distractions, I figured it would be my last chance to take on the glittering, graduating trend of holographics 2014-style (late 2014, obviously; should it really look that bad to drop a time from four days in the past?) so I took on the Taylor Swift-endorsed Marco de Vincenzo metallic pleated skirt.

You will need

NB: Use fine glitter for an authentic lamé effect.

You might need more than one can of craft mount to cover the whole skirt. I'd recommend using Crafter's Companion Stick and Stay Mounting Adhesive.

 I would also recommend using a fixative after applying the glitter to avoid 'molting.'


Very easy

As a quick disclaimer, I'm referring specifically to the method. It's as quick, easy and satisfying to make as they come. However, keeping the area clean is significantly more of a challenge and tailor-made for those who like vacuuming.


About an hour per side.

Get your glitter on

 Spread the pleats out as flat as you can; I would recommend doing them one by one. Cover each pleat in craft mount and sprinkle some glitter on top of it. In order to stop it from gushing out, hold the glitter shaker on its side and tap it with your fingers:

NmqOwX on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

After you've covered all the pleats, sprinkle some silver glitter onto the waistband.



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