Saturday 14 February 2015

DIY my Valentine - a 20 minute DIY tutorial inspired by Marc By MarcJacobs Open Heart Stud Earrings

A quick DIY you can learn by heart.

Owing to apathetic moping, this DIY tutorial will fit neatly under the category of Valentine's Day leftovers - time zones permitting - a category which, I appreciate is best associated with discounted chocolate but, given the relative neutrality of the versatile heart motif and the comfort that there's always next year I thought I'd share this 20-minute tutorial with you.

You will need...

Picture hanging wire.

Two earring studs.

Soldering iron and solder.

Long-nosed pliers that can cut wire (or, failing that, long-nosed pliers and all-purpose scissors)

Pink nail polish.


Quite easy

While the project, itself, is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, it has its fiddly moments and helps to have a touch of manual dexterity.


10-15 minutes per earring, excluding the time it takes for your soldering iron to heat up.

You will heart it

Cut about 10cm of wire and loop it around the stud in the middle. 
Bend the wire into a heart shape and twist the two ends together at the bottom with your pliers.
Cut away the excess wire at the bottom.

Attach the wire to the stud at the top and fix the wires together at the bottom by soldering them.

Cover the wire with pink nail polish.

Quick, simple and perfect for throwing together at the last minute, much like my Valentine's Day plans.

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