Saturday 18 July 2015

DIY digest: Get shirty!

A five minute project to wrap things up!Zimmermann Anais printed cotton and silk-blend wrap top

I have two things to thank for coming up with this straightforward, charity-shop-friendly DIY project: the wrap top above and this viral vest video - and several permutations thereof - that's been doing the rounds recently.

The process lends itself to all abandoned shirts needing a new home - like, say, your wardrobe - from sheer blouses to Hawaiian patterned horrors from yester-decade (hypothetically speaking, at least). Mine was done on a chiffon blouse, procured from a charity shop for the agreeable price of £2.50.

The diaphanous nature of the fabric meant that I wasn't happy with using fray check to finish the edges, so I folded the edge back and machine-sewed a zigzag hemming stitch (this does make the project a little more time-consuming to finish but thankfully not much).

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