Tuesday 8 December 2015

Luxe and Tux - a brief refashion

For those of you who are wondering if I'm still alive or have been abducted by aliens just as the respective mid-winter festivities are starting, the good news is that tonight I have finally found the motivation to write up my latest project with a mini-tutorial in picture form. My refashion of an evening jacket was inspired by the YSL tuxedo jacket Cara Delevingne wore to the Paper Towns premier.

Having a glam jacket to add at least a token gesture of warmth over skimpy party dresses is no bad investment for the chilly winter months. What's more, a boxy suit jacket is the perfect match of devil-may-care glamour and aloof androgynous mystique, a twist on traditional elegance that gives festive glitz and sparkles a razor-sharp edge.

You will need...

A suit or evening jacket

Leather, faux leather or satin trim, about 10cm wide

Sewing machine with a leather needle (which you can pick up at all good haberdashers) unless you're working with satin



5-6 hours.


Quite easy

In principle, it's a straightforward project but you need to be reasonably confident at sewing with leather.

Luxe it up

Since I was just covering the collar, I let the picture speak for itself with a few pointers and directions.

This is how mine turned out:

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