Monday 14 March 2016

When DIY met denim

This season's quirky customised jeans trend was too tempting not to try myself, so I thought I'd share some tips with you from my latest project. One among many advantages of having your own place is to have the luxury of bleaching jeans, like the dangerous rebel that I am, without aggressive parental opprobrium and disapproval. Never mind the carpet-mauling potential bleach has for sending the neurotically house-proud into a frenzy, it was more a case of having to sit through my dad's classic anecdote of his failed attempt to bleach his prized pair of 'baggies' back in the '60s; after dousing them in bleach and leaving them out to dry, they disintegrated in his hands as he picked them up from the washing line! Thankfully - and perhaps because trusty denim essentials are made from tougher substances these days - it was never enough to put me off. I have ways of avoiding such a scenario, which I thought I'd share, along with a few more ideas for re-purposing a pair of old jeans.

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