Wednesday 2 January 2013


Quick update on my latest DIY neon jewellery obsession: I thought I'd share my latest 20-minute project with you. I know this is something like my 3rd neon gem-inspired tutorial so I'll keep this one short and diaristic. .After happening upon some bank-breaking 50p nail wraps from Primark, I felt the urge to cut some of them into tiny strips, insert then into the centres of 16 clear faceted teardrop beads and 2 clear faceted round ones and glue gun them to some earrings I picked up on the sale in Forever 21. I used gemstone glue initially but changed to a glue gun which I'd definitely recommend more. I'm hooked on the 90s-throwback neon trend, right now. Yes, the 90s might have been one of my personal worst decades for music (the latter half, anyway) and I couldn't really afford much of the fashion, but thankfully, I believe in second chances!

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