Sunday 27 January 2013


Digging the digital trend with geometric patterns and pastel hues, chez Catherine Malandrino.


You will need

Pebeo "Setasilk" water-based silk paints (priced at around £3.95) in:

Light blue

Light pink (I chose orange instead but that was personal taste)


Dark green

White knitted dress, jersey dress or jumper (mine cost £5, Primark)

About half a metre of white calico fabric

3 small glass jars

Hair dryer

Paint brush

Half a metre of Bondaweb

Iron and ironing board

All-purpose scissors


Quite easy

No particular technique or skill required for this one, it's just really easy to make a mess of your work and chosen work space if you're not especially careful and attentive to spillages.


5-6 hours

When worlds "kaleidoscope"...

Cut your calico into about 30 small strips (give or take, 25 x 5cm but it doesn't have to be exact), divide them into 4 sets and paint each set with a small splodge of silk paint, like the one in the picture above.

Dunk your strip into your paint and water mix for a few seconds - tops - or as quickly as possible. I just set the above washing line arrangement up to demonstrate quantities and make it easier to photograph, but I recommend you do your dunking over a sink rather than on a desk or soft furnishings as it's going to spill. Relax - the paint's water soluble!

After you've done each piece, place them in a large, easy-to-wipe-clean area, like a shower, where I left mine. The silk paints mix easily and well so any splattering and spillages onto other pieces can be a bonus.

Take each piece - I took 2 at a time for the sake of speed - and dab it with a tissue, giving particular attention to the paler side, so as to enhance the ombre look.

Blast each piece dry with a hair dryer.

Iron your pieces onto your Bondaweb.

Cut your pieces out.

Iron them in place, Bondaweb-side down.


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