Sunday 26 January 2014

Thatch the way I like it - how to upcycle a backpack in the style of Chanel

Chanel's backpacks are so good, we're havin' it 'Bricolage' again!

I thought I'd share my recent project for which, as you can see, I didn't even have to buy anything, just recycle an old backpack that was gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe and some leftover scraps of fabric.I was working from this:


So, here goes...


Very easy

Easy fo sheezy! I can't think of anything particularly taxing in this project if you use split pins, just be wary of them stabbing you when you use the bag. You might want to use duct tape to keep them flat.

If you use staples, it's slightly harder. Make sure they're stationery ones and at least 8mm wide. Don't use a staple gun as those staples are too weak.


An evening, to answer in my lazily ambiguous current style. Maybe more. I wasn't counting when I did it but I'd estimate it at 3-5 hours.

You will need...

*Alternatively, you can use split pins; I found them easier to work with when I tried them but you'll need something to pierce through the bag's fabric, like a scalpel.

** For best results, use fabrics of varying textures and opacities. I used black chiffon, white organza, satin in both colours and some tweed. You could even try experimenting with greys and silvers.

Bricolage collage

 Cut your fabric into strips - measuring by eye but trying to get them as neat as possible - and then into squares. Fray the edges slightly but not too much.

Attach the squares to your bag using your stapler or your split pins. If you're using a stapler, it probably won't be long enough to use folded in its usual way, so pull it flat, put a notebook you don't mind ruining between the two layers and press your staples in as hard as you can. You will then probably need to use your fingernails or pliers to bend the staples closed and flat.

Cover the back and sides of the bag. When you're finished, give your fabric an all-round blast of clear lacquer as a fixative, to stop your pieces from fraying.

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