Tuesday 21 January 2014

Travel Chanel - How to DIY a Chanel Bricolage backpack

Brushstrokes of genius at Chanel? Count me in!

Image: Instagram @Mysterious_mary

You will need...

NB: The silk paints are from the Setasilk range by Pebeo. The colours I used were buttercup, tangerine, navy blue, turquoise and magenta.

The white fabric paint is made by Dylon.


Quite easy

... and very messy - you have been warned! Your only challenge here is to stop your liquid silk paint from running and smudging but allow me to guide you and you should find it a breeze!


An evening, by my accurate and completely objective observations! If you're able to print off the template I provided it should take less time than mine. As a ball-park figure, I'd say it takes 2-3 hours.

Brick by Bricolage

Print out the above template as two portrait A4 pages, if you want to get a similar scale to the one I used: with the designs on one sheet and the fine grid on the other. Attach them to the front of your sticky back plastic, trace them from the other side and cut them out with your scalpel. With the fine square design, cut out alternate squares with a line in between them, so that you've got a small grid-like square pattern.

Place your backpack somewhere where it's safe to make a mess; baths and showers are ideal as they're the easiest sites to clean. Stick your grid-patterned plastic onto your backpack. It probably won't stick completely flush against the surface but don't worry if it doesn't, as you're just using it to mask a design.
Pour some of your silk paint into your spray bottle and use it for your grid design. I used pink and wanted to make it graduate into purple, so after I was finished, I emptied out the pink paint and replaced it with navy, without allowing the pink to drain, so I got a darker shade of purple with each spray.
After you've sprayed each 'layer' of colour, dab your plastic with a tissue to avoid running and smudges or, if you're working from a bathroom, use toilet paper, which I find works a treat! Dry your design with a makeshift heat gun arrangement or, as I like to call it, a hair dryer!

I found you can only use your grid design once without it messing up your backpack. Clean your spray bottle completely between colours, unless you're trying to mix them. Dry each splatter, as before, and enjoy! You can also try flicking a paintbrush for some extra effects.
After you've painted and dried your multicolour design, use your sticky back plastic stencil to draw your logo and address design in white fabric paint. After that dries, iron your backpack like your life depends on it, using the highest possible heat and a thin cloth or tea towel to cover the design, so that you don't mess up your iron. Follow any directions you're given on the bottles. I like to iron for a minimum of five minutes.
Cut away the hooks of your bungee cord. Wind your necklaces around the cord or plait long them around it if they're long enough, then tie or fasten them in place and secure them with a glue gun. Thread the ends of your bungee cord through your clasps, fold the cord back on itself and wind some jewellery wire around it to hold it in place, before securing it with a glue gun. The messier you make this part, the more authentic the look!

Clip the two ends to different zips; I used one on the main fastening and another on the front pocket.
DIY Chanel Bricolage backpack
The sh*t: a Bricolage!


  1. hi this is amazing but I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got your backpack from

  2. Sure :) I got my backpack from Primark. It was a men's backpack (their stuff is so much cheaper than the women's!) which I covered with silver paint; I would have used grey but I already had silver so I figured it made sense to use that.
    Glad you like it! :D

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