Sunday 23 February 2014

Take these broken rings - how to upcycle old jewellery to DIY a Vanessa Mooney Bright Lights handpiece

Left image:

You will need...

NB: You will need your pliers for cutting - not all jewellery pliers can do this so make sure you use or invest in a pair that can.


Moderately easy

Despite being one of the quickest projects I think I've ever done, it has its fiddly, awkward moments which might prove a shock to the system if you're new to jewellery making.


Half an hour.

Run the gauntlet...

Cut your chain so that it fits snugly but comfortably around your wrist. Attach jump rings to either end; use your pliers to open, close and secure them. Attach your lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.

Take your wrist chain off and fold it in half so that you can find the middle link - this is important for getting your middle chain concentric. Attach a jump ring and some chain to the middle link. Measure out and mark where the centre chain meets the bottom of your middle finger (even if you just mark it with your fingertips) and cut it. It needs to be cut in a place where it can be attached to a ring, and where the ring can sit comfortably on your finger - not too far down - so if there's any doubt as to which link needs to be cut, overestimate the length, rather than underestimating it.
Attach two jump rings to your main ring - one for the charm and one that will soon be used for your chain. Attach the charm.
Finally, attach your ring to your middle chain.

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