Sunday 9 February 2014

Tweedle-smart! - How to DIY a Chanel tweed bracelet

Chanel your upcycling ingenuity to give some old bangles and tweed a new lease of life!

You will need...


Very easy

It helps to be good at crafting shapes out of clay if you do want to include the Chanel logo. If you'd rather do your own design or use a silver charm instead it's super-easy!


About half an hour per bangle (excluding resin and clay setting time); I made a set of five.

Total cost

Hard to say, as it depends on whether you've got tweed or bracelets lying around. The resin came to about £7, you can get the clay for about £2 and the powder will set you back about £5.50.

As a measure of comparison to my DIY bangles, the price tags of the originals are well into the three-figure region, with some exceeding €1000!

Tempting tweed

Glue your tweed around the outside of your bangle - or bangles.

Use your scalpel and the above template (printed to the correct scale for your bangle - it might take a few attempts) to make your Chanel logo out of polymer clay. Paint it with silver powder while it is still soft and bake it in the oven to set - make sure you follow the instructions carefully!

Glue your logo onto your bangle;you might need to bend it slightly to fit the curve of the side, which you can do if your clay is thin enough. If you can't bend it, fill in the gap with glue.

Mix your resin and hardener, then quickly soak your bangles so that they're completely covered with the mixture. Leave them to dry.

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