Monday 5 May 2014

Fleece of fancy - How to DIY a Chanel No 5 Fleece Bag with Graffiti


Image: odds 'n' ends

You will need...

Helped me to give an old handbag a new 'fleece' on life.


Pretty easy

I can't think of anything particularly challenging with this one but expect things to get messy!


An evening - about 3-4 hours.

Make it fabulously fleecy 

Cover the bag in black faux fur. I worked through it panel by panel, holding my fabric against the bag, folding it back on itself along each seam and tracing the seam line onto the wrong side of my fabric.I then cut the panels out and stuck them in place with craft mount.

Your next step is to cut out the different coloured shapes of your design. Also, if you intend to write anything like I did, sketch your lettering and words backwards, on the wrong side of the fabric, so that they read correctly. Cut them out and craft mount them in place.

After you have stuck the design in place, cut away most but not all of the straps - leave enough for them to be folded back on themselves and staple them together so that you're left with two loops instead of a strap on either side.
DIY Chanel No 5 graffiti fleece bag

 Cut the bag chain to the correct length for your strap or straps. Thread one of your chains through one of the loops, use pliers to open one of the links and use the chain to form a loop, connected to the bag. Secure it by closing the chain link again. Repeat this process with the other loops and straps.

Craft a logo charm out of clay, cover it with metallic silver powder and bake it in the oven, following the instructions closely. Glue it in place using a glue gun.

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