Tuesday 26 May 2015

Slicker than your Everage - How to DIY Dior's So Real sunglasses

It was Dior's So Real mirrored cat eye sunglasses that got the stars, bloggers and editors purring in succession, helping the design gather ground as a fashion institution that's still going strong after a year.
How Dior’s Dior So Real Sunglasses Became a Street-Style Sensation

You will need...

Not pictured

Long-nosed jewellery pliers


Wooden splint

Container for the resin


Moderately challenging

Although straightforward in principle, this one was more fiddly than I expected. Also, expect things to get messy.


A couple of hours, most of which goes on waiting for the resin to set.

Hello, cat eye...

If you want, you can print out and trace the template above but they might not fit the sunglasses you're using. I would recommend tracing the outline of the lens onto paper with the sunglasses face-down.

Once you have drafted out a template, cut it out carefully with the scalpel, trace the outline onto the glass fibre tissue, turn it over so that it mirrors the shape you just traced and then trace an outline around that. You should have two shapes that mirror each other, like in the template.

Cover the lenses with parcel tape.

Tip: Press the tape onto your clothes a few times so that it loses some of its stickiness but has just enough to stay in place on the lenses. This prevents lens damage.

Cut out the shapes in fibre tissue.

Mix the resin with the hardener and use it to attach the fibre tissue shapes to the top edges of the lenses. Make sure you follow the directions carefully and leave at least 20 minutes for the resin to dry.

Make a wire outline for each of the lenses and stick it in place with more resin. I also used some flattened bits of curb chain to hold the top bar in place.

Once the resin has dried, remove the tape and scrape away any excess resin with the scalpel, taking care not to scratch the lenses.

So authentic?

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