Monday 1 June 2015

Customisation for for camo

Owing to other stresses and commitments in my life I sadly haven't been able to devote the concentration and efforts I'd normally like to solving the world's DIY fashion problems and granting you access to some of fashion's most coveted items the creative way. However, I did find the inspiration in something similarly utilitarian to finding a way to express your creativity under constrained and difficult circumstances: the humble camouflage jacket. Graffiti chic had a fashion moment recently but it was the graffiti on the jacket worn by Charlotte Free earlier this year that inspired me to try and get the look with fabric paint and a glue spreader (because, I mean, why not?). Graffiti chic might have been a statement look but it surely takes one of the most quintessentially 90s paradigms of army camouflage to transform a fleeting statement into of-the-moment retro kitsch.

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