Monday 15 June 2015

Making the cut - how to DIY a Soomin star leather collar

Try the laser cut jewellery trend for an intricate yet easy statement piece.Soomin - Star Necklace Lasercut

You will need...

*Leather can be faux if your budget or indeed moral stance requires it.

**The silver leaf in question is made by Fimo and can be purchased here.

Not pictured

Eyelet hole puncher


Quite easy

This one's basically straightforward; you just have to be reasonably dexterous with a scalpel and not mind getting a little messy.


2-3 hours (3 if you include lacquer drying time).

Mesh things up a bit...

Cut the following shape out in leather or faux leather:
Spray on a layer of clear lacquer, cover the collar in silver leaf and spray another layer of clear lacquer over it to fix it in place. If the silver leaf tears, use the top side of your fingernails or the handle of your scalpel to smooth it down while wet.

Leave the collar to dry. Once it has dried, use your scalpel to cut away the excess silver leaf, leaving you with a fully covered silver collar.

Punch a hole at either end. Using your pliers, open a jump ring, put it through the hole and the clasp and close the ring. Repeat this process with the chain at the other end.

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