Wednesday 23 July 2014

An entry with polish - 8 easy DIYs you can do with nail polish

The natural and surely harmless high of shopping brings a giddy intoxication - one that can very occasionally skew one's judgement and send inhibitions through the floor in an incident commonly known as the impulse buy! We've all been there, done it, bought the proverbial or perchance literal t-shirt and lived to regret it. Some prefer to bury their heads in the sand - or the offending item in the deepest recesses of their wardrobe, in sufficient confinements of darkness to compensate for the shame of it genuinely seeming like a good idea at the time. Others try to make the best of a bad situation; the match might not be obvious, on the dim return to reality, but surely you can make it work. Maybe it's merely a question of customising or tweaking it for a better fit. Here at Chic Cheat, there's no prizes for guessing which approach I endorse!

The impulse buy fear doesn't stop at clothing. Many has been a time when I've treated myself to make-up that I haven't managed to use within its lifetime, especially nail polish. If you're not especially into nail art, or prepared to put the work in, it can seem like a waste to don something you have to remove within 24 hours for school, work or any other institution in which painted nails could bring shame on the professional reputation of the establishment or cause mortal contamination. Also, I get hangnails which sting murderously when they come into contact with nail polish remover. So what do you do with a nail polish collection you can barely wear? Use them as a glossy, economical alternative to enamel paint, of course!

Tutorials clockwise from the top left:

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