Monday 26 October 2015

Not another hanging branch clothes rail tutorial!

Branching out into DIY rustic chic.
For those of you who have wondered where I've been of late I'm now ready to break my silence on why things have been so quiet over the past month. My recent move has been a roadblock-ridden, time-consuming nightmare (though I fancy I've become quite the expert on wall fixtures and light fittings in the process) but undeniably worth it in my fabulous new 19th century maisonette flat.

I thought I'd share my method because,  while my imagination was captured by the rustic DIY hanging branch idea, I struggled to find a tutorial that gave the specifics, like the type of rope you needed (although I found plenty that used chain), so after consulting with my trusted sources, I thought I'd share the experience so that you too can get the look. For the branch, I'd recommend whitewash paint. I also threw in a few sprinklings of Fimo gold powder.

Expect many a home DIY project to come your way, as well as my usual fashion fare. In the meantime, I'll leave you with some other details from my glamorous new pad.

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Thursday 15 October 2015

The Trends on Thursday - How to upcycle a blouse 'cold-shoulder-style'

What springs to mind when one thinks of shoulder-centred fashion? The distinctive padded power-dressing silhouette? Military chic epaulettes? Bare-shouldered bandeau tops or Bardot necklines? Well, this season takes a less-is-more approach with the current cold shoulder cut, hence the inspiration behind this quick, simple DIY fix for making a tired old blouse or top on trend for 2015-2016. Here's to hoping shoulder patchwork is the next seasonal trend so your new creations can be brought up to speed once again in the near future!

Monday 12 October 2015

What to make of the Spring 2016 Paris Fashion Week shows

The final stop of the top fashion capitals didn't disappoint in the DIY inspiration department.

Paris, where fashion's wildest dreams are famously woven gave me plenty of inspiration for my wardrobe and workshop alike - so much so that I came up with not one, not even two but three collages of DIY ideas.

First stop was at Chanel which, while it's usually among the most high-profile and talked about shows at Paris Fashion Week, this time it excelled itself in craft-worthy ideas to the point where I had to make my own DIY collage.
Elsewhere, there was plenty to work with in the way of DIY and customising ideas including dramatic lace trims at Dior and Céline, sumptuous satin bows at Lanvin, African beading and fringing at Valentino and - my personal favourite - floral cross-stitched wellies at Saint Laurent (festival season's sadly over for this year but as a sure-fire statement to get ahead of the curve for next festival season, you can't get the cross stitch kits and craft mount out too soon).
If DIY isn't your idea of fun - perchance the very sight of a sewing machine fills you with dread - there's still plenty to choose from to get the Paris Spring 2016 look, from brooches at Chanel (again) and Loewe to beady belts (i.e. a new lease of life for an old or second-hand necklace). Also, brace yourselves for some cascading cobra chain coming to many a fashionable wrist near you if the editorial endorsement of Loewe's bracelets is anything to go by for next season.

So there you have it - PFW projects for every occasion and ability level. What would you make of it all?

Thursday 1 October 2015

The Trends on Thursday - what to make of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion weeks

Apologies again for going quiet on you. The horrific teething problems of moving into a bought flat (which included dealing with the most incompetent internet service provider on the planet) have once again got the better of me and so sadly all I have to share as of yet are some DIY ideas from the looks at London and Milan fashion week that have inspired me the most so far.