Tuesday 13 April 2010

Long live McQueen - Edited Highlights

For some hot fashion rocks, check out the following ankle boots from Alexander McQueen's latest collection:

Want to know how to make some?  Of course you do.  Please read on...



I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by promising an easy-as-falling-of-a-log outlook, but I'd say this one was pretty straightforward.


The work itself is doable in an evening but you may have to allow longer for the paint to dry at the beginning.

You will need

  • Chunky black platform ankle boots mine cost me £15 from Raid

  • Tiger eye stones

  • Gold spray paint

  • Clear lacquer - about £7 from Halfords

  • 2 Broad gold chains - I cut some off hair bands I found on sale at £1 each in Miss Selfridge

  • Black plaited leather rope - about 40p/metre from my local haberdashery

  • 2 carrier bags

  • Parcel tape

  • Glue gun

  • Newspaper

And this is how we do it

Cover your shoes with the carrier bags, except for the heels and bottom of the soles.  Secure the carrier bags in place with parcel tape, making sure you go right up to the edge.

Spray paint the bases and heels of your shoes gold, and also most of your tiger eye stones.  I suggest you do this on your newspaper to avoid damaging any surfaces.  Leave to dry.

After your gold paint has dried, spray on your clear lacquer.  This might well take a day to dry.

Using a glue gun, stick on all of your stones  for about an inch around the ball of the foot of each shoe.

Now for the chains.  If, like me, you used the aforementioned ones from Miss Selfridge, you need to cut away the ribbons and elastics.  Then, you have to take your black leather cord, cut it in half and weave it in and out of your chains.  Secure it with glue at either end.

Glue your chain in a spiral around the heel of the shoe and end it so that it covers the top of the heel.

And there you have it - creative problem solved- it really is that simple.

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