Saturday 31 March 2012

Chic Cheat Reworked - A Golden Oldie

...Or rather retold in the form of hitherto unpublished work. My ode to Emilio Pucci's Autumn 2011 asymmetric crushed velvet dress was done a while ago and would have been put together as a living, breathing on-season blog entry had my printer not decided to do what printers do best and let me down completely. Logistical issues aside, I'm still proud of my version and still proud to present it to you in a slightly experimental blog format that is an homage to collage queen p.s. I made this (an homage, you understand, not plagiarism - I save that trick for overpriced fashion clothing - yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) I considered communicating my methodology through the medium of expressive dance but that would have meant wrangling tirelessly with video editing software, and I'm afraid in this instance I couldn't be asked!

So here's my collaged and illustrated oeuvre, demonstrating that:

A black one-shoulder dress

1m of gold lamé

1m bondaweb (or freezer paper as I believe it's also known)

An iron and ironing board

A computer with Photoshop and an understanding of how to use the pen tool

A printer with at least 6 pages of paper

Sticky tape

Spray mount

All-purpose scissors

... plus a touch of crafty ingenuity are all you need to get this look:


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