Thursday 25 October 2012

A load of gold tats - DIY your own Dior temporary tattoo

Once again, Christmas is coming early in the eyes of consumers. Last year, a Facebook friend left a status update about seeing a festive Coke advert as far back as July and it doesn't look like this year's any exception. My housemate, who works in marketing, says that it's to do with extensive present budget planning on the part of consumers - and businesses wanting to get in early. But high fashion? Surely that's not the demographic typically associated with scrimping and saving with the needle-point precision of an army exercise? Perhaps not, but it didn't stop Dior from going for gold with their new designer temporary tattoos.


Priced at $120 (about £75 as of this entry) they're not the most budget-friendly of treats - so you'll be pleased to know you can get the look for just £3.59 with Fimo gold powder, a fine paintbrush, water and just 10-20 minutes of your time!


You will need

Fimo gold powder (£3.59 at - it just gives the perfect metallic finish. I tend to find gold pens and paints a bit matte

Narrow paintbrush


Tissue for dabbing

Make-up removal wipes



As with most - if not all - Chic Cheat tutorials, it helps if you're a skilful painter but since you're the designer with this one, there's not need to overcomplicate.


10-20 minutes.

Go for gold

Clean the desired area (as stark and clinical as that command sounds) and dip your paintbrush into your water.

Dab so that it's damp, rather than completely wet and dip it into your gold powder.

Pat your paintbrush against the edges so that your powder is compacted down and doesn't make a mess and apply your paint.

I drew my design in place with a black gel pen being the compulsive project planner that I am but I don't recommend you do that with any pen as it will only smudge and tarnish your gold.

Tidy up any (inevitable) excess powder by wiping outside your design with a makeup removal wipe along the tip of your fingernail...



Bonus: It's really that simple, and it stays on almost completely after showering. I should know - I tested it!

Sadly: I'm about the least allergic person I know so while I've experienced no adverse effects at all, I wouldn't recommend this DIY to anyone with sensitive skin, eczema or other conditions. Sorry!

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