Friday 5 July 2013

Bedroom Bonuses: 1 Nail Polish

I just thought I'd write this entry as a friendly acknowledgement that you may or may not own certain of my favourite DIY staples, such as a patternmaster, professional tailoring scissors and wood carving knives, which tend to add a fair bit more money to the total cost; I thought I'd surprise you by letting you know that the black nail polish you've got idly kicking around and a pair of clear sunglasses (available online here and here at the time of publication) are all you need. It also helps to have some clear nail varnish as a protector and fixative.

Chic Cheat is currently coveting:

A clear yellow pair is recommended for this one. Simply paint on some black leopard spots and fix with some clear nail polish.

Chic Cheat's Ray Ban vision: Take a pair of plain sunglasses, paint some thin stripes in red and yellow so that they're translucent, add some opaque black borders and finish them with a coat of transparent nail polish.

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