Sunday 1 December 2013

Wonder Cover - A quick tutorial for customising a phone cover

A cheeky quick one for those of you who love, cherish and can't do without your smartphone - so much so that you want to protect it any way you can; you want to give it a secure home, that will protect it from all the horrors of the world and at the same time make it look fabulous. Your only problem is that it isn't an iPhone - it's better!

My beloved Google Nexus 5 mightn't be the sort of phone you'd typically associate with an arty type like me but as a camera, gaming platform and organiser it does as good a job if not better than the aforementioned iPhone. Why, then, do none of the high street shops we know and love - never mind the fashion labels - do any covers for them? Why are their covers - surely a basic protective essential - relegated to the remotest corners of eBay? Still, at least my clear one only set me back £3 - and inspired this 10-minute DIY entry!

You will need...


Very easy

I'll say it again, a 10 minute job like this would realistically have to fit comfortably under that category!

Total cost

Mine came to £6 - how many "Me-phone" covers can you buy for that kind of money? (Must. Rein. In. Smug. Attitude).

Just in (one) case...

Apply your glue quickly so that it doesn't start to dry in the process.Once you've completely covered the inside of the back (not the sides, unless you also want them to be covered) with a thin layer of photo glue, place your printed-out design face-down. Coat it with a layer on top for extra protection.
Leave it to dry  - don't try to attach it to your phone until it's completely dry.

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