Sunday 16 March 2014

Marni, Marni, Marni - How to DIY a Marni Visor

Marni's attention-grabbing accessory is a 'shade' more experimental as a style statement!

You will need...

Just to clarify, you need 180cm of rope.

I got my visor from Hobbycraft and would recommend it. Alternatively, you can cut out a piece of foam 24cm wide, in the shape of the template, below.


Pretty easy

I can't think of anything too challenging or painstaking with this project but I figured I'd err on the side of caution and not declare it a total doddle.


2-3 hours, I think.However, it is amazing how little you can keep track of time in the company of Mr. Television so I'm not entirely sure I'd like to give it  a more specific timeframe than 'a leisurely evening,' if that makes sense.


Remove the strap from the visor and use craft mount to cover both sides of it in satin, ensuring the right side of the fabric is showing.
Use the glue gun to attach rope along the edges.

Punch holes in the corners; you can use a hole punch, scalpel or even scissors. Cut two pieces of rope about 50cm in length, thread them through the holes, tie them in knots and secure them using the glue gun.

Thread the two lengths of rope through the tassels, fold them back on themselves and secure them using the glue gun.

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