Monday 12 May 2014

Carven up - How to DIY a Carven cross-over blouse

Crossing over to the bright, floral side for spring!

You will need

...and a mirror and sewing machine.

Hint: You want the blouse to be as big on you as possible to allow for the crossover. Mine was a charity shop buy - thrifting for the win!


Pretty easy

Going on the glib assumption that you're reasonably confident with a sewing machine, this summery floral number's a breeze - and a quick one at that.


1-2 hours

Getting it across

Cut away the sleeves.

Trying on your blouse in front of a mirror (vanity optional) mark it with pins at or slightly below the waist, both at the back and the front. Make sure your measurements are consistent. Use the points to trace a line where the hem will be and use the patternmaster to trace a line 1cm away from it - this will be the seam allowance. Cut along the seam allowance.

Returning to the mirror, wrap the blouse as tightly as possible, with one side in front of the other (hint: it works best if the side with the buttonholes is at the front). Also, try to get the fabric to slope upwards towards your shoulder. Draw a curved line on one side and trace out a seam allowance, as before. Cut along the seam allowance.

To ensure your lines are symmetrical, fold the blouse in half along the centre back with the uncut front panel underneath the cut one. Trace along the curved edge and cut away the excess fabric.

Going back again to our old friend, the mirror, you'll probably notice that the armholes are gaping because of the new angle you've given to them. Pin the excess fabric together to create a dart but don't sew it - trace it with your pen and sew it together on the wrong side of the fabric, so the dart is inside your top, not outside it.

With one more trip to the mirror for old time's sake, pin the front panel in place and mark where the buttonholes are on the other front panel. sew the buttons in place...

...and voilĂ 

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