Thursday 19 June 2014

#TBT - Luciano DiConcetto and other artists

How better to sit down to a nice, 'arty' meal?

The second in my series of Instagram-related throwbackery takes you to the French commune of Honfleur to marvel at the wondrous oeuvres of French Artist, Luciano DiConcetto, an artist who likes to experiment with techniques to push the boundaries between peace and intensity, by contrasting bold block colour and impromptu sketching of overlayed lines.With talent like that, it's no wonder he got some attention from Marie Claire's website a while ago. On a more serious note, this juxtaposition  of themes and contrast is intended to take us on a dreamlike trip through a rich, elaborate dimension to freely express our feelings. I expressed my feelings of cheapskate admiration in the sparing, surreptitious snaps I caught of the Normandy branch of the Bartoux Gallery through my meagre phone camera. It was most definitely worth the effort.

Now that I know where I'm going to shop the day I win the lottery, I remain tempted not to wait until such good fortune were to come to pass until I go for a long weekend or three in a quaint French town, where art and beauty are everywhere. Just to give you a brief idea of what I mean, here's a snap from a restaurant nearby that makes a (brush)stroke of artistic genius more than palatable!

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