Tuesday 5 August 2014

Northern bites - an Instagram special

On a recent trip up North, to the Lake District and then Glasgow, it came to me - I am at a ripe age to appreciate the wonder of technology because I remember how much life sucked without it. I don't just mean the convenience of Google Maps, YouTube et al either, I mean the joy of seeing something so stunning you wish you had an easel and forever at your disposal to capture the fantastical beauty, not merely of the object - although that rather helped - but of the moment: a scene that can only really be described as hardcore sightseeing porn! Granted, a pocket-sized camera and colour filter apps aren't an easel, as such, but getting the angle just right before adding the drama of a colour filter like a snapshot of your own dream-like interpretation of the subject is damn close! I'm now moved to reach for my phone every time I'm met with the frisson of beautiful sights - okay, I admit it, I have an Instagram problem!

As my final thought, let me leave you with a spot of DIY and upcycling inspiration: a whitewashed chandelier with knotted rope and tassels (which can also be made of rope) and a black chest of drawers covered with prints that could easily be copied using varnish and vintage-style wrapping paper.

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