Monday 2 February 2015

Convert-a-skirt - how to transform a maxi skirt into trousers

Those who know me and all that I like to indulge in when left alone in a walk-in wardrobe that's home to a treasure trove of bric-a-brac from yester-millenium, could probably hazard an educated guess at what I might do when I stumbled across a genuine '60s batik-patterned skirt - and no, it wouldn't be to let it go to waste. Maybe it's the up-and-coming trend for all things hippie, and the slew of crafty new-age pastiche we're seeing, that prompted me to rethink its place as a long-forsaken denizen of the dressing-up box. We're often told that this post-modern era is one of reinventing looks and concepts through novel combinations of paradigms, rather than creating totally new ideas. I like to think that I did my bit in this evolutionary process with this quick, easy skirt upcycle that also references the current slouchy trouser trend.

I chose to detail the process in infographic form; just to avoid confusion, you need to try the skirt on and start by pinning the front fabric to the back at the crotch. I used a safety pin to avoid nasty. painful accidents (ouch!) and recommend you do the same. It is also easier to hold in place when you take the skirt off; you would need to do this and pin the skirt flat - you might need to iron it to ensure both sides are completely flush - when cutting along the centre-back seam.

Turn the skirt inside-out to sew the trouser seams together. You will probably need to adjust the width, even if you're making palazzo pants. If so, make extra sure both legs are the same width.

Glad I could be of help. Though I say it myself, I was pleased with the result (and yes that might be a half-baked attempt to justify my facial expression in the picture) and hope that you're pleased with yours too!

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