Tuesday 9 June 2015

Nice twist - How to DIY twister ice lolly sandals

A pop of colour for the summer.The sandal that sums up British summer | Fashion | The Guardian2014 gave us normcore - from its obnoxious mission to try too hard to look like you're not trying to the brash faux-iconographic fast food motifs exemplified at Moschino - followed by the fleeting cartoon chic of 'lolcore.' Then 2015 came and presented us with a clean slate, though not necessarily a blank canvas, from which we are currently sampling a juicy trend of vibrant food motifs, from sweets to tropical fruit, in what is probably the most ample display or indeed mention of food fashion has ever seen. This year's food fashion trend brings a new vibe with a mix of coquettish kitsch with a saccharine sweet colour scheme, giving it just the right mix of pin-up prettiness and fashion-forward fun. The highlight for me has been the twister lolly sandals from the Asos and Walls collaboration.

You will need...

 *You also need clear nail polish

Not pictured

Pink fabric paint (since I didn't use pink sandals)

Sand paper and nail files


Moderately challenging

As you'd expect with anything as unorthodox as sculpting ice lolly-shaped heels from car body filler, there's a certain art to it but it's easy when you know how.


About 5 hours.

Can do candy...

If, like the ones I used, your sandals have narrow heels, bulk them up by slathering body filler on as thickly as possible. Mix the filler with the hardener and apply it using the palette knife.

Once it has dried, sandpaper it down.

Coat the heels with another layer of body filler. Make some horizontal grooves with the palette knife and, as the filler is setting, smooth the ridges into rounded, sausage-like shapes; it also helps to use nail files to smooth them down.
Paint your sandals pink if they aren't pink already. Then paint the heels with nail polish. Finally, coat them with clear nail polish.

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