Wednesday 16 December 2015

Thunder stuff - how to DIY geometric Balenciaga earrings

My latest creative outing was inspired by Balenciaga's geometric Thunder earrings. This latest venture of festive sparkle-inspired imitation came partly as an ode to the statement earring as an invaluable companion to the classic LBD for carrying off a streak of individuality with seamless elegance. However, it was the idea of making wire jewellery that didn't look like a paint-by-numbers (as it were) craft project that swung my decision to take on this quick, simple project.

You will need...

Soldering iron and solder

Gold stud earrings

Gold wire, about 2mm thick

Jewellery making pliers


Very easy

If you're reasonably dexterous with wire and long-nosed pliers, this should be a quick, straightforward and enjoyable outing.


I wasn't really watching the clock this time around - you might almost say I got too caught up in the moment - but it was definitely under an hour.

Styling thunder

Bend the wire into a geometric design. I found that the best way to get the tight oblong corners of the original was to twist the wire as far as you can in a semicircle around the tip of the pliers.

Make a loop at the top of the earring and solder it to the stud.
N.B. I used studs with quite wide bases and would recommend them for best results.

Repeat the process to make the other earring.

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