Tuesday 3 May 2016

Ballsy earrings - how to DIY a pair of Prada sequin ball earrings


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You will need

N.B. You will need 8 large sequins (4 of each colour) if you want to make yours exactly like the original but I decided to do mine differently.


Quite easy

Straightforward and easy when you know how but certain parts of the process are quite fiddly, especially making the ball shapes.


One-and-a-half hours.

Get the ball (earrings) rolling

N.B. Cut each slit on the opposite side of the sequin to the hole.

As stated previously, if you want to make yours like the original, you will need to cut four sequins in each colour and glue them together in pairs, with one of each colour.

With the slits facing each other, slide two disc sequins together at right angles to each other to form a ball shape. Put gemstone glue inside the slits beforehand so that the ball shape can be sealed together easily.

...And there you have it; it's that simple!

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