Wednesday 17 August 2016

DIY-scapades - Dyeing by degrees

Florals are something that never go out of fashion, or rather a staple statement that grows back continually after it fades. They're also eclectic in the different forms they take, from dotted 'ditsy' prints to oversized motifs to 3D appliqué that jumps off the material. It was Vivetta's take on the latter that has whetted my aesthetic appetite of late.
Vivetta Navy Cotton Embroidered Tea Dress

The graduation from flat to 3D was something I wanted to try but I decided to shake things up a bit, medium-wise. It was one thing sewing flowers on but what about adding in a little colour contrast?

The next step was to dye the dress using Dylon fabric dye. It's intended for natural fabrics; synthetic fabrics don't soak up the colour as well. And so, when I dyed my dress, with its mix of natural, synthetic and synthetic blend fabrics, that was the whole point.

The result

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