Monday 16 July 2012

Crowd-pleaser jewels - Part 2, Queenly brightness

You will need

A silver necklace (I used an old one but you can pick up a cheap necklace in one of the summer sales)

Long-nosed pliers

A silver brooch, ideally oval in shape with lots of white diamant├ęs and lots of branches or cut out details you can weave ribbon through. I paid about £5 for mine here

Fluorescent yellow ribbon, about 4mm wide. I got mine in a 3m bundle from here

A chunky silver chain, I got mine here 

Green string (I painted mine but wouldn't recommend it, given the time-consuming faff involved. I found some metallic green string online here)

Glue gun

Extra gems or silver skulls (optional)


Pretty easy

You have to be good - and patient - with winding lots of string and ribbon onto the brooch, and some care, as well as skill, with fixing chain links with pliers wouldn't go amiss, but overall, this would have to be one of my more straightforward outings.


Mine took 4-5 hours, but I was a bit distracted so yours shouldn't take as long.

Total cost

Mine cost £9.40, or £129.60 less than the original.

So, here's how it's done

That flash of ribbon weaving genius again, if I dare say so myself

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