Sunday 15 July 2012

Crowd-pleaser jewels

This week, we'll be hitting some neon heights with DIY demonstrations for the Knotty necklace (pictured to left) and the Skittles necklace (pictured top right) both by the jewellery brand, I Know The Queen.

I'll teach you in two stages, first starting with the Knotty necklace before skitting over to the Skittle one. The former, as I've noted in a previous entry, revolves around much the same principle as a scoubidou bracelet, only with shoe laces. Sounds random? Well, it kind of is, hence, why I'll do a full picture demonstration just to show you what I mean.

For one stylish scoubidou

You will need

A gold necklace chain (Which I picked up in a sale for £2 from New Look before cutting it in half and removing the charm)

Fluorescent green shoe laces - 3 pairs (Priced at 99p each from John Lewis)

Metallic wire (£1.55 at RU Craft)

Glue gun

Long-nosed pliers



...And hopefully my teaching skills will do the humble scoubidou justice in the accessibility sense.


About two and a half hours tops.

You need to... 

...First of all make a starter knot. To to this place your two shoe laces at right angles to each other. Make sure they're concentric so that there's the same amount of length on each of the four strands.

That really is all you have to do - oh, and to tune in tomorrow when I'll be teaching you the Skittles necklace. Stay tuned!


  1. I've seen this one somewhere before, but your tutorial is much better! Well done!

  2. Thanks. Do you remember the site you saw it on, by any chance?

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